Working with the nature

We work with Nature, not against her. And for many years now, Nature has blessed the Saar with ideal conditions: a cool climate and a long fruit set. Even in an age of global warming and an increasing number of grand Saar vintages, we continue to enjoy one of the longest fruit sets when compared with our colleagues in southern regions. We believe a slow, steady ripening is the key to exceptional aromatics.

We consciously limit our yields in this prized vineyard to a maximum of 50 hl/ha in order to guarantee the best possible complexity and quality. The Spätlese and Auslese wines work with significantly lower yields. This of course does limit the supply of these internationally renowned wines. 'Quality not quality' is more than just a platitude to us. It's a philosophy we believe in from beginning to end. It guides our decisions. We do one thing — Riesling — and we do it right.


The vineyards and their soils play a crucial role in the taste and quality of the wine. Our estate sits on steep slopes that exclusively face south and which have been classified as VDP.GROSSE LAGE®. And on them we grow one variety: Riesling. Nothing more. Nothing less.