2012 was a very exciting year for us.

The bad: a wet spring during flowering dampened our expectations for a bountiful harvest. Due to a poor fruit set, yields were low from the outset. That said, the remaining grapes developed so well in summer and autumn that by the end of harvest we had achieved an almost average yield. Much more important for us was the quality: we were relieved to find that our entire harvest matched the impressive benchmark set by the 2011 vintage. The VDP GROSSE LAGE wines may even exceed them in terms of intruige and complexity.

Come join us in enjoy radiant, enchanting Saar classics.

We have adopted the VDP classification system in the following form:

  • VDP GUTSWEIN = foundation of our wine program.
  • VDP ORTSWEIN = the least alcoholic, or lightest, wines in each range, from Saarburger Riesling trocken to feinherb to Kabinett.
  • VDP. GROSSE LAGE® wines (previously classified by us as Erste Lage) including Rausch and Bockstein, form the pyramid's peak, and are representative of our winery's best vineyards.
    • dry style = GG (Großes Gewächs)
    • feinherb (off-dry) style = Diabase
    • fruity/sweet as Prädikatswein.