Vintage 2017

"The early bud break followed by the frosts was certainly the defining factor for the 2017 vintage. Fortunately, we were spared the worst of impact from the frosts. We only lost 15 %, which compared to how some of our unfortunate colleagues have been hit, is a rather benign figure.
The remainder of the season proved actually quite ideal, with rain and sunshine alternating throughout the summer. The vintage is the result of a long vegatation period since flowering was quite early yet we were able to delay our harvest as we only started our harvest on October 2 and completed it by October 23.
At first, we had some concerns, whether the weather would hold up so we made some early selections of botrytis. However, the weather turned for the better and we could devote a full week for selections later on in the harvest. The yield reduction and boytryis impact led to quite some intense wine with rather high must sugar levels. But the resulting wines are beautifully balanced and comparatively open for business in a style blends 2015 with 2011."

Mosel Fine Wines by Jean Fisch and David Rayer