Vintage 2021

We look back fondly on the freezing winter in January and February. I'm always happy when nature finally has the chance to come to rest.

The vegetation started leisurely with us. We had frost at the beginning of April, but it couldn’t damage the vines because budding had not yet taken place.

The summer was cool and so a lot of manual work was invested in creating an airy wall of foliage. After a wonderful Indian summer, we started harvesting on October 11th.

This may seem late compared to the last 3 years... but this time of harvesting-season was completely normal the years before. We are particularly happy about the good weather during the harvest, which allowed some excellent selections for the VDP.GG and also for some noble sweet VDP.GROSSE LAGE wines.

Once again, I am very grateful for our excellent team, which, among other things, made possible the good care of the vineyards and the meticulous single berry-selections.

Let´s enjoy our elegant, classic Saarrieslings with a maximum of subtleties. Cheers.