Vintage 2016

2016 – a year of extreme weather events.
It started unspectacular with a mild January and February. In March, many European wine-regions have been afflicted by late frost. Luckily, most of our vineyards were untroubled by this circumstances. This was followed by an extreme wet, rainy flourishing time. It felt like we had 90 % of the annual rainy days in June and July. As a result, the vines produced only a few berries and grapes. So it was predictable, that we will be not able to harvest a huge quantity. During the summer, the vegetation was very slow and around two weeks behind in comparison to regular years.
After this disastrous summer, the tide has turned. Fortunately, a fantastic, golden September turned up and the ripening progressed fast. The few berries in our vineyards benefited a lot from this perfect weather. It was a real compensation. Thanks to the ideal weather conditions in October, we have been able to harvest best quality.
We can offer the complete range, from Estate Riesling up to Auslese.