In autumn 2011, mother nature richly rewarded our laborious but meticulous work in the vineyard.

We were able to produce a full range of wines from everyday dry to the most noble of sweet and late harvest. Even the entry-level must was vinified from fully ripe and healthy grapes. Specially selected loose, golden berries provide the ideal raw material for our dry and off-dry wines.

A new wine debuting in our portfolio, the Saarburger Riesling trocken ALTE REBEN, closes the gap between Saarburger Riesling trocken and our 'Rausch' Großes Gewächs. The vines for this special selection date back at least 40 years. Deep roots that have stood the test of time supply the fruit and spice unique to this wine. It's not a stretch to dub this the little brother to the Großes Gewächs.

The wines from 2011 are spoiling us with pure drinking pleasure. They make it look easy. Our Rieslings are required tasting for every wine aficionado. With elegance and esprit, they boldly proclaim what it means to be of and from the Saar Valley.

As in past years, our Rieslings are classified as follows:

  • Our Gutsriesling (estate wines) form the foundation of our portfolio.
  • The Ortsweins (Saarburg Riesling) are harvested from a classified origin or classified site. Of our various styles, these wines represent the least alcoholic, or lightest, of the range.
  • The Erste Lage wines, with a focus on Rausch and Bockstein, form the pyramid's peak, and are representative of our winery's best vineyards
    • dry style = GG (Großes Gewächs)
    • feinherb (off-dry) style = Diabase
    • naturally sweet in all classification levels.