Saarburger Riesling feinherb

Vintage: 2011
AP. No.: 8-12
Soil: Devonian slate and diabase
Harvest Method: 100% hand-picked
Origin of Grapes: 100% estate grown
Vinification: 100% in neutral Fuder barrels

Tasting Notes:

Delicate floral notes intrigue the nose before revealing a highly elegant yet juicy and energetic body.
The characteristic Saar minerality born of diabase and Devonian slate cuts sharp and deep.  
Yet ultimately it is the peerless, carefree grace of this wine that entices and entrances long after the last glass is gone.

Serving Suggestions:

At 10.5% abv, a terrific wine to make any lunch memorable, or to be enjoyed as an aperitif.


Alcohol: 10.5%
Residual Sugar: 18 g/l
Total Acidity:    7.7 g/l